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Why do people like waterfront living in Dubai?

Posted by Homesphere Real Estate on February 2, 2024

Dubai is a city that is always undergoing change. Are you looking for a luxurious and contemporary waterfront apartment to live in? This blog helps you in finding more about beachfront properties. Residents can enjoy breathtaking views of the creek and the bustling city from these new constructions.

A lot of people dream of living near the water. Dubai has become one of the top locations for people looking to fulfill their goals. Several factors make waterfront life appealing to people. The first explanation is obvious: the water. The second factor is that waterfront apartment developments give inhabitants a front-row view of all the actions in the city. Since these developments are frequently situated in desirable regions, residents have access to Dubai’s top amenities.

Here are the top five advantages of buying an apartment in any of Dubai’s beachfront residential districts if you wish to invest in a beachfront property there:

  • Residence in a Nice, Healthy, and Educational Community

If you live near the water, there will always be something beautiful to look at. The view of the beach will make you feel both refreshed and energized. Once you’ve spent a long day at work and are back home, you’ll appreciate it. Living in this area also makes it feasible to have access to a natural fitness area.

The Waterfront apartments are perfect for running, swimming, and other outdoor activities that keep you healthy and fit. By relaxing in a lounge chair on the sand, admiring the scenery, and inhaling fresh air, you can decompress while just appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

  • Beach Lifestyle Throughout the Year

If visiting the beach is part of your ideal holiday, owning a waterfront apartment will allow you to avoid long-distance travel costs and yet enjoy your vacation. You can engage in your preferred water sports and activities all year long because your home is close to the ocean. There are several alternatives, including swimming, yachting, paddle boating, and scuba diving.

Dubai’s coasts are also frequently congregated together. As a result, you and your family won’t need to drive or use a public transportation to move from one beach to another.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a waterfront apartment in Dubai is the abundance of attractions that line its beaches. Public areas including parks, theme parks, water parks, restaurants, and movie theatres are a few examples. As a result, whether you’re on vacation or not, there is always something to do and somewhere to go.

  • A reliable source of passive income

If you currently have a home in Dubai and want to add an apartment to your portfolio diversify it. If you want to invest in real estate in this city but won’t be dwelling there, think about buying a waterfront apartment. Residential properties close to the shore are popular among holidaymakers. Anyone seeking a place to stay in Dubai for a weekend escape or a lengthy holiday will always appreciate the close access to the water.

Additionally, investors and buyers are more likely to be interested in properties with a view of the water. A beachfront view will increase your chances of getting benefited through off plan properties in Dubai. You will have a reliable source of income if you invest in this kind of property as you could sell it at a good rate in the future.

  • Market-Secure Property

Real estate experts like us claim that beachfront properties have a high market value, especially when compared to inland and other kinds of homes. Beachfront properties maintain their value even in a changing market. As a result, regardless of the state of the market, your money is secure, and selling your property won’t ever cause you to worry about losing money.

  • High Resale Value

Finally, you will be able to turn a nice profit when it comes time to sell your seaside home. The lack of beachfront homes, which are always regarded as great locations, is the cause of this. This is true for places with a nice view, like Dubai Marina, Creek Harbor, Palm Jumeirah, Bluewaters Islands, and Jumeirah beach residences which enjoy a stunning beachside vista. In addition to the view, such places are regularly crowded with tourists. As a result, there are never many oceanfront properties available for purchase.

Your prospects of discovering a competent buyer who is prepared to pay your asking price are therefore very good particularly if your house is well-kept and doesn’t need major repairs. Additionally, the sales will almost surely be high if you have made considerable upgrades, such as laying wall-to-wall carpeting.

What are the things to consider before buying a waterfront apartment in Dubai?

The ease of access to the beach and the breathtaking views must be taken into account when buying a waterfront apartment. There are several more things to take into account, though.

  1. Verify the safety and security
  2. Location
  3. Availability of Additional Beaches
  4. Children’s School and the Commute
  5. Near a bus or metro station
  6. Facilities of the Building
  • Verify the safety and security

First, evaluate the overall security and safety of the area, especially if the neighborhood beach is a well-liked vacation spot that can grow congested throughout the summer. Check to see if the area is appropriate for children and families.

  • Location

Examine the apartment complex’s proximity to important businesses as well. Banks, pharmacies, parks, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and cafés all need to be walkable in order for your living in these places to be time and money efficient.

  • Availability of Additional Beaches

Think just how close different beaches are to the apartment complex, especially if you like to walk around various places and hop from beach to beach.

  • Think about the Children’s School and the Commute

If you work, find out how far your potential home is from your place of employment. If you have kids, take into account the distance to their schools as well.

  • Near a bus or metro Station

Make sure your new apartment is close to a bus stop or a metro station if you must commute every day. The public transit system in Dubai is being improved.

  • Facilities of the Building

If you’re buying an apartment, find out what amenities the building offers. At the absolute least, you should have access to a parking lot, a garden or park, a fitness center, and a swimming pool.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are acquiring an off-plan property in Dubai or an apartment that is ready to move in, choosing the ideal one has many benefits. 

The most recent information on the Dubai real estate market is always available from best Real Estate Company in Dubai , Homesphere . We can help you find a waterfront apartment that fits your needs and budget, as well as prepare all the paperwork and walk you through the process.

We can also give you advice on best  waterfront properties in Dubai and help you get a mortgage. Our experienced team of professionals offers the best property management service if you want to make a successful investment. 

Check out our website to know what types of properties are available in Dubai. If you are interested to learn more about our service, please spare some time to contact us!

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